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Moved site again to: http://slashsluts.populli.net/warning.html

6/28/02: I hated all the banner and pop-up ads on 0catch and my damn site kept disappearing. There was also the fear about getting TOSsed at any time. It was a little more stress than I really needed at the moment. Somewhere in my head I always thought of it as temporary, that I'd find someplace better eventually. Then yesterday Alice over at populli offered to host my site for free. A slash friendly, ad-free place to host my site. How could I not say yes? So I did. I'll leave the site up at 0catch.com for a while, with links leading to the new home. I'm so glad to have found a good slash friendly home. Thanks so much Alice. So the new site addy is: http://slashsluts.populli.net/warning.html.

6/22/02: Added some banners that Dichotomy made me to the index page. Later I may put them on their own page, but for now I'll show them off there. Thanks so much to Dichotomy for making me the lovel banners, I just love them.

6/20/02: Moved the site to 0catch.com. There will be another update with new recs coming soon. I'm working on it right now. I hope to have that done in a day or so. If you see any broken links or pictures not working let me know. Please. It would be much appreciated.

12/21/01: New Smallville Recs, the page is growing by the minute I swear. Biblio finally finished Diversion, which was her first story in the Stargate Fandom. She also has written a fabulous new fic as a birthday present to Phoenix E. So naturally there a couple of  new Stargate Recs. Found a new Highlander Rec I really liked, it has a great sense of humor to it that I just fell into. New Buffy/Angel Recs this time around as well. Found a new Sports Night story I liked, it's rec'd over on the Miscellaneous Page. Added a rec for a Once a Thief/Kindred: The Embraced series by Lianne Burwell to the X-Overs Page. Kellie Matthews , Speranza, and Viridian all have new stories out, so you won't be shocked when I say there's are several new Due South Recs, right? Right! Two new Oz Recs. Plus I changed the links on that page from the postavalon site to the archive.nu mirror of the C5 Archive. The postavalon site isn't going to be a full mirror anymore. Just when I had updated my links, I had to do it again. Hell, I fixed links all over the place. Seems like that's one of the main things I've been doing.<sigh> A friend of mine has written two articles that pertain to slash and fanfic in general. I loved them and found them incredibly funny. She graciously allowed me to post them here on the Slash Articles Page. I just thought it was to funny and to true. I hope you enjoy them. Yes, we were both feeling like Snarky bitches when she came up with her pseudonymn for it.

11/19/01: New rec for some Holmes/Watson slash and an Outsiders fic by Jane St. Clair on the Miscellaneous page. New Stargate Rec this time around too. Fixed some broken links on the Oz, Buffy/Angel, Highlander, X-Men, and X-Overs pages. Many of them were links to Jane St. Clair's Site . She has a new site so I fixed all of the broken links that were caused when angelfire TOSsed her. New Andromeda Rec. Man, that page is looking sad with just recs for Viridian and Cassiopeia on it. I'm trying to branch out and find more I swear. New Smallville Rec up, for a story by Brenda Antrim. Shiny brand new Sentinel Rec up too. I finally found a new one I like, haven't found one something I could really get into in this fandom in forever it seemed. Added a new rec for an older story that I love over on the  X-Files Recs page.

 11/3/01: I've moved again. Yeah, I know. Again? Wasn't my idea, I got TOSsed by topcities. No warning what so ever. So my thanks to them. (Not!) Stopped by my site one day and it was just gone. So I've found a new home at Ma-at.net, mucho thanks to the ladies there for offering me webspace. The site is now located at: http://winged.ma-at.net/slashsluts/Remember to change your links and your bookmarks! Moved the Andromeda Recs from the Misc page to one of their own. There's another rec for a story by Cassiopeia . This one is a sequel to her wonderful fic Shame. Boy it looks funny with recs for mostly Cassiopeia's fics on it. I've got to find some more Andromeda slash to read. Also, added a new page for Smallville Slash. The series is only into it third ep and there is already slash based on it. Hell, there were several fics that came out after the first episode. Even has an archive already The Smallville Slash Archive, I do believe Minotaur set it up. Only two recs on that page right now, but the way this fandom is progressing I'm anticipating alot more. Everyone is all a buzz about the slashiness in this show, I have to agree. Dammit, I didn't even want to watch the thing. The things I won't do for a good slash fix. <sigh> A couple of new Due South Recs one for a new story by Speranza and the other a story by C.L. Finn. With a favorite of mine by Kellie Matthews that I should have rec'd a while ago thrown in for fun. I also fixed some links to the House of Slack and the Zen and Nancy's Homeless Shelter, they moved. Updated the Mailing lists page too, added some Smallville lists.

10/13/01: Ah, shit. I've been thinking about doing it for a while. Well, I finally did it. I added a web journal. Like it hate it, whatever. Flame me and you won't like what I have to say back to you. Click here to view Clio's Web Journal. Added a bunch of new links to the Links Page.

10/12/01: Well it seems like a big old rec fest for Viridian5 and Shrift this time around. I've rec'd one series by Viridian on the X-Men page and there's a rec for another of her stories on the Due South page. Shrift & Nestra have a rec for a couple of Sports Night stories on the Miscellaneous page. There's also a new Adromeda rec over on that page  for you to check out. Plus, there's a rec for one of Shrift's Gunn/Wesley fics on the Buffy/Angel page. (Actually, there's more than one rec for her G/W fics on that page. Just one this update though.<g>) Added a link to the Fan911 Auction on the index page and the warning page. Oh, a little update to the X-File page, added links to new parts of  Scribe's Poetic Series.

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