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Slash Slut's Links

Can you tell my favorite pairing is M/K?

   Note: Slashcity got it's .net domain back. So some sites have been moved back there. I've checked the links and fixed the ones that have been changed back to .net.

Multifandom Slash Links
Amothea's Angst Archive

Australian Slash Archive

Brit Slash

The Complete Kingdom of Slash (CKoS)


The Mainframe - slash & Het

MPREG - Male Pregnancy Emporium (*snicker*)

The Nesting Place

The NetCafe

Radio Free - Unplugged

Rare Slash Archive

Slash City. com .net .tv .org

Slash Com

Slash Fanfiction Directory - Updated Frequently

Slash Fanfiction on the Net

Slash Fiction Online

The Slash Page Database Project

Slash & Slash Friendly Mailing Lists


Witness List

Wonderful World of Make Believe (WWOMB)

Z and N's Homeless Shelter and Soup Kitchen - Updated!

X-Files Slash Links
The Red and the Black (RatB)

Down in the Basement

Archive X/ - All stories are now archived at Down in the Basement

MKRA - (Mulder/Krycek Romantics Association)
All stories are now archived at Down in the Basement

The Annex - Novel Archive (gen, het, & slash)

The Cube - Formerly M/K Fight Club (Now Accepting all types of M/K slash fics)

The Gossamer Project - (gen, het, slash, etc.)

All things Rat

Focused on Nick Lea Fiction Archive

The Alex Annex

The Nick Zone - Fanfic based on characters portray by Nick Lea

RatB Forum - Discussion forum for the X-files & it's slash

Courtney's Fanfic

Imajiru's Fiction - (slash & het - MSR)

A.S.S - Araxdelan's Slash Site

Lisa E. Krysa Awards - M/K fanfiction awards

Rat and Fox - The Fanfiction of Cody Nelson

Demi's World -Fanfic of Demi X

Katy Deery's Fanfic

Den of Sin- Fanfic by Aries, Nicole S., & Orithain

Tiramisu & Kamio's Site - Wonderful M/K fic

The Sentinel Slash Links
#852 Propect - The Sentinel Adult Fiction Archive

Francesca' TS Slash Fiction

Candy's Place

Annabelle Leigh's Fiction by the Sea

Cook's Kitchen- Fiction by Lanning Cook

Josephine's Place

Lemon Drop's Fanfic

The Feral Sentinel - Fanfic of Aithine, Aubrey Robin, Movie Lady & Veronica

The Forest Fanfic Archive

Pumpkin's Slash Patch

The Sentinel Slash Virtual Season

Once a Thief Slash Links
Once a Thief on RatB


Lianne's Homepage

Orithain's OAT Fiction

Highlander Slash Links
The Seventh Dimension Archive

The Unthinkable Alternative Archive

Dayspring's Desires

The Lair of the Krell - Fanfic by Krell, Killa, Rachel Sabotini, & Ellynross

Lapsus Linguae - (formerly Kamil's D/M Archive)

Methos Boxer Brigade

Stargate SG-1 Slash Links
Area 52

Jack/Daniel's Place

The Alpha Gate Archive -Season 6 free archive (gen, het, & slash) - Updated!

The Comfort Zone - SG-1 hurt/comfort archive - New!

jdfictions archive

Stargate SG-1 Fanfiction Awards - gen, het, & slash

Jenny Ann's Fanfiction

The Grotto

jd_divas - Fanfiction of Biblio & Phoenix E

Save SG-1 - A site for info on how to save the original team of Stargate SG-1 - New!

Stargate Solutions - A site whose mission is to save the Stargate SG-1 - New!

Due South Slash Links
Dues South Archive

Due Slash - A brand new DS slash archive


due South Slash Virtual Season

Aukestrel's Site - Due to problems her site is now password protected, you'll have to e-mail her to get it.

Kellie Matthew's Site

Journey's Slash Fics

Chez Crysothemis

Basingstoke's Slash

Terri Botta's Fic


Starsky & Hutch Slash Links
S/H Archive

The Pits Fiction Archive (slash & gen)

Alexis Rogers' Fiction

S&H Slash Virtual Season

Candy Apple's S&H fiction

X-Men Slash Links
X-Men Slash


X-Men Movie Slash Archive

The Kinda Mooks

Tangerine's Dream

Mo's Fanfic

Mooksville, Earth

Jane St. Clair's Fanfiction

Te's Fanfiction - X-Men, X-files, Buffy, and more

Alara's Spiffy Magneto Page

Water Lines - McDragon's fic

My Secret Place - formerly known as The Vault

Buffy & Angel Slash Links
AngelSlash Archive

Unconventional Relationships

The Human Drama

Exquisite Coalesence - FemSlash

Dangerous Habits - A Wesley/Angel Archive

The Gunn/Wesley Archive - Updated!

Love Lorne - Slash fic centered around Lorne (A.K.A. The Host)

City of Angels & The Hellmouth

eterniata*eros [unbound] - slash & het

Cordy Slash

Big Guns - The Graham Slash Archive

Star Wars Slash Links
Elusive Lover

Master and Apprentice

The Jedi Hurtaholics Archive

SWA-L (The SW Slash Archive)

Oz Slash Links
Em City - I don't know what's up with Em City, it worked for a while and now it doesn't

Unit B

C5 Archive

Strange Bedfellows

Brian's Oz Fanfiction

Riley Cannon's Fanfiction

Twisted Sisterhood

Miscellaneous Slash Links
Across the Pond - Queer as Folk archive for both the UK & US shows

Agent With Style - Sells & Produces fanzines from various fandoms

The All Purpose 'How To' Queer Sex Guide -Slashers Must See Site!

Angel Wings Press - Sells Fanzines

Ashera's Archive - Hercules & Xena Archive (Every pairing Imaginable)

Blood, Love, & Rhetoric -Ladonna King's fics: X-files, Highlander, & more

Can't Help Falling - US QAF Brian/Justin Archive

C15 Operational Control - A New Professional Site - Info & Fanfic

The Circuit Archive - A Professionals Archive

Connection - Tour of Duty Fanfic by Biblio - New!

The Corrupt Data Crystal -Crusade Fanfic Archive - gen, het, slash, etc.

Fan 911 Auction - Auction being held 0ct 22 - Nov 5, 2001

Fanfic Critics Association

The Fanfic Symposium

The Foresmutters Project - Archive for early slash fiction

The Gay Writers Guild - Original Gay Fiction

The Hayloft - Dukes of Hazzard fiction (slash & het)

HMS SailSlash

Holmes/Watson Slash - Sherlock Holmes Slash

House of Slack - Updated!

Invisible Madness - Invisible Man Slash Archive

Kadru's Slash Fiction - Sentinel, X-files, & Due South

KS Slash Archive - Slash based on characters created by Kevin Smith

The KSA  Ares Archive (The Ares Archive)

Let the Journey Begin - Jori's JAG/X-files X-Over

Lipstick Traces - Velvet Goldmine Slash Archive

Lost Boys Slash - Warning: Incest (oh, quit looking at me like that)

Male Writer's Archive

Miami Vice Slash Archive

Michael Biehn Fanfiction - Fanfic based on characters portrayed by MB

Minotaurs Sex Tips for Slash Writers - Slashers Must See Site!

MQA- Minotaur's Q&A - Slashers must see Site!

Notes from the Underground - Tour of Duty Slash

Paris Nights - The Tom Paris Archive (gen, het, & slash)

Phoenix-Michael Biehn Archive - Fanfic based on characters portrayed by MB

QAF Archive - Queer as Folk Archive (mostly UK version, tiny bit of US)

The Quantum Leap Slash Archive

The Renegade Slash Militia

The Roswell Slash Archive

Sanguine - Slash Vampire Archive

Schism - Homicide: Life on the Streets Archive

Scribe @ Fanfiction.net

7/7 Slash Archive - Magnificent Seven Slash- The archive requires you send an age statement before you are allowed to enter

Simon & Simon Slash - Warning: Incest (oh, shut up, don't judge my kinks)


Slashonthestreet Archive - Homicide: Life on the Streets Slash Archive

The Slasher's Cookbook

Smallville Slash Archive

Sports Night Fanfic Archive - (gen, het, & slash)

The Stack Exchange - A Trading Place

Ten Buck Fucks - Hard Core Logo Slash Archive

This Side of Paradise - Valeria's slash; Action, Homicide, Due South, others

Tour of Duty Slash

Viridian5's Fanfic - X-files, OAT, DS, X-Men, HCL, Recs, etc.

Visions Before Midnight - A Babylon 5 archive

Wizard's Gay Slang Dictionary

Wolfling's Den - Houston Nights, Sentinel, Star Wars, and More

Slash Recommendation Links
Alice in Stonyland's Fic Recs

anhedonian recommendations

Anna's story recs

Araxdelan's M/K Recs - all X-files recs, mostly M/K

BadBatz Slash Recs

Born to Bottom - Sentinel Bottoming Jim recs

Cosmic Critic's Corner

Dance while you can...

The Fanfic Review Boards - Boards where you can rec gen, het, & slash fics

J.R's Multifandom Recs - Fave!

Juxian Tang's Fic Recs

Kamil's Highlander Recs - Highlander only (slash, gen, & het)

Killa's Links

Meg loves a good bottom - Fave!

Net (dot) Bitch does Fic Recs - Fave!

Odysseys & Ectasy: Thamiris' Recs

Our Boys - West Wing & Sports Night recs

Pavilion Fanfiction - Fave!

The Pearl Fanfic Recommendations

Polyamorous Recommendations

Radio Free Recs

RatB Recs Board - A board where you can rec any Krycek centered slash

The Reading Room


Rosa's Recs

Slash Fiction Online

Stop Bitching About How There's No Good Fic

Storyteller's Campsite Recs

torch's recommendations

Versaphile - Stargate Rec-A-Thon

What we read

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