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Slash Slut's Miscellaneous  Recs

 This pic used with permission from  Trinity's Slash Asylum.

Sports Night

Being an Anchor and Location, Location, Location
by Lanning Cook
Pairing: Dan Rydell/Casey McCall

Warning: Aftermath of Rape

Ok, still not watching Sports Night. I know a good story when I read one though. I also know a good writer when I read their work, Lanning is a wonderful writer. I've read some of her Sentinel stuff, rec'd it in fact over on the Sentinel Page. I liked Being an Anchor when I read it, but hadn't really decided if I wanted to rec any Sports Night fics yet. So I waited, rec'd a couple of SN stories, and then along came Location, Location, Location. Location is really just a PWP, but it is so damn good that at one point it brought me close to tears from it's sweetness. So I just had to rec both of them. One of the main things I like about Being an anchor is that nothing is rushed. Casey, the rape victim in this, doesn't recover from this trauma immediately. He sees a therapist instead of thinking his partner will be enough to help him deal with this, which is very realistic. He has some problems with sexual dysfunction, which is a symptom of Rape Trauma Syndrome, which male victims go through just like females. Shock of shocks, Dan isn't a shit in this. He doesn't rush Casey, he encourages Casey to seek out a therapist, and doesn't pounce on Casey immediately like a predator whose spotted a lame animal. I hate it when writers use rape to bring characters together, when in reality that could push people away from one another. I really like Dan in this, he's a good guy who really wants his partner to get better and doesn't prey on their weakness. Wants them to get stronger and knows enough to realize he isn't going to be able to help them do that alone. The main reason is he's been through it himself and knows what Casey is going to need. The story deals with a serious subject, but it has a flavor of such sweet romance to it I just loved it. Hell, I wouldn't mind the Dan in this story being my boyfriend. He's pretty great. Even through the tense times when Casey pushes him away the hardest. I don't recommend many fics dealing with rape, this is one of the ones I think deals with it the most realistically. I found it quite believable, it's a truly great fic.

Last Minute Trade and Next Day Delivery by Shrift and Nestra
Pairing: Dan Rydell/Casey McCall

This is another one of those cases where I will read anything. Even from tv shows I haven't watched that much. I've tried to get into watching Sports Night for several years. I keep hearing good things about it. I just can't seem to get into the show no matter how many times I give it a shot. It wasn't easy for me to start reading the fanfic either. I got a little pissed at it, for reasons that had nothing to do with the show, it's fanfic, or the writers of said fanfic. A few years ago there was this X-Files series that was really good, but got totally screwed up by an X-Over with Sports Night. The writer of the fic tends to be sort of a fannish butterfly I've discovered. (Fannish Butterfly is a term I recently heard described as a reader or writer who dabbles in lots of fandoms, but never really sticks with any one fandom for very long.). I guess I'm a little bit of a butterfly myself, but I do have some main fandoms I've stuck with for years and have no plans of leaving. So I'm not completely. Anyway, this writer must have started getting into SN and was ready to leave the XF fandom. I mean she had been working on this great build up of this relationship between M/K when all of a sudden this X-Over happens and Krycek screws Dan or Casey (can't remember which one) before he ever does Mulder. Excuse me. Sorry but I had read like 13 or 14 sections of this damn series waiting for M/K to do it. I didn't want Krycek to screw someone else first. Pissed me off. The writer pretty much flitted on off to another fandom after that and the series is probably dead. Personally, I think she should have stopped before that pointless X-Over that showed nothing but her growing obsession of D/C. I mean Krycek was just basically a Mary Sue anyway in that damn thing. So it took me a while to get over my mad about that. A while back I finally started reading SN fics and found some pretty good ones. Sadly, the best fic I've found is a WIP that I don't think is ever going to be finished. (The last part of it was written in 1999, so I'm not holding my breath.) So I haven't rec'd it. This one here is a nice sweet little series. A first time story where D/C come to terms for their feelings and attraction for one another, which culminates in them finally acting on it (Duh!<g>). I really just got sucked into this one and decided I'd gotten way over my mad at that writer now, so I'd rec an SN fic. I'm weird I know. These aren't much more than PWP's, but they are of the good variety. Worth checking out. Plus, they are pretty new. The second story came out just a few days before I wrote up this rec. See what you think of them. Give them a look see,  you just might like them too.

The Outsiders

Raw by Jane St. Clair
Pairing: Dallas Winston/Johnny Cade

I'd like to thank Jane St. Clair for corrupting my childhood. I mean that as a compliment, I'm pretty sure. Slashing The Outsiders. I remember when I was a pre-teen discovering S.E. Hinton's books and just loving them. I poured through I don't know how many of them. The Outsiders and Tex were always my favorites. Movies based on S.E. Hinton's books pretty much helped make Matt Dillon's career. He played Dallas in this in case you don't remember. Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid) played Johnny in the movie. With characters like Ponyboy, Sodapop, Cherry, and Darry how could you turn away from a book like this. I just loved it, still do, even though I haven't read it in forever. I subscribed to Jane's update list and saw that she'd written this today. When I saw the fandom I almost turned away, I wasn't sure I wanted Jane to corrupt me. She's such a good writer that I just can't resist her fics. So hell, I decided to give into the temptation and be corrupted. I'm pretty glad I did, this story is really damn hot. If you don't know alot about the book you'll catch on pretty quick that this discusses abuse. Alot of the kids in Hinton's books don't come from the greatest family lives. It's only mentioned and the after affects dealt with. Sadly, looking back I could really see the slash in the book. I'd say there was a certain amount of slash factor between Ponyboy and Johnny too. Damn, I'm such a slash slut. <sigh> There goes another piece of my innocence. I'm going to thank Jane for it later, maybe.<g>

Sherlock Holmes

The Problem Series by Athea
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, M/M

Speaking of my childhood. I didn't read very many Sherlock Holmes books. Ha, thought I was going to say I did didn't you. I've never been real big on mystery novels, I've read some though. I tried to get into the Sherlock Holmes books, but just never could. I think I have Hound of the Baskerville's over in the bookcase, but if I read it all the way through I can't remember much of the plot. Still, I know the basic premise of the books and who Holmes and Watson are. So I'm at least up on the basic info. I found these stories rec'd over on Allaire's Rec Page. I decided what the heck, I'd give them a try. I'm so glad I did. I absolutely love this series of stories. Besides plenty of romance there is a mystery for Holmes and Watson to solve. Plus, some OMC's that are just wonderful. I just love the original characters in this. They are really good, don't act as Mary Sue's either. Holmes and Watson are already together by the time they come along. The whole thing just pulls you in and you can't wait to see how this turns out. It's a wonderful read that really catches that period of time. I fell in love with this one. Just talking about it right now is making me want to go back and read it all over again. It's sweet, sexy, hot, angsty, and romantic. What more could you possibly ask for.


Breathless and Lancing by elfin
Pairing: Ezekiel Stone/The Devil

Ah, nothing screams more that I'm getting into the Halloween spirit like rec'ing a story with The Devil slashed in it. Yet again I am proving that I will read anything once. It's all Allaire's fault over at the Storyteller's Campsite Recs. I was just minding my own business, browsing through her pages. (By the way, she's a new M/K convert in X-files slash. We've sucked another one in. Wawhahaha!) I kept seeing the Brimstone recs on her page, but before this I'd never gotten a chance to catch the show. (It was on several years ago, for a very short time.) I had a vague idea of what it was about, but it didn't sound that interesting to me. Then the Sci-Fi channel kept rerunning the damn thing incessantly and I finally caught a few episodes. It wasn't half bad so this time when I saw that link to the Brimstone recs on her pages I decided to check them out. Allaire mentioned that there are plenty of stories in this fandom that deal with rape. Which doesn't shock me, since one of the main characters who's slashed in the fandom is...The Devil. That is part of why I was leery of it at first, these stories don't involve that though. I think of them more along the lines of 'Sympathy for the Devil' in a way. (Which is my favorite song by the Rolling Stones, since I brought it up.) Without completely down playing that this is The Devil after all. I liked the stories and on elfin's page there is a description up for a third part to come eventually. I'm looking forward to reading another installment in this series. I liked it alot. Just sucked me right in and left me wanting for more. By the way, did you know Lucifer translates to mean 'Morning Star' and Satan means 'Enemy'. Click on either of the links to see the origins of those words at a Freemason's site. (It's mentioned in the story.) I still can't believe I'm rec'ing Devil slash. Whatever. It's really well written.<g> Happy Halloween!

Tour of Duty

What this is by Biblio
Pairing: Lt. Myron Goldman/Sgt. Zeke Anderson

Note: Story is in several parts so look for the links at the bottom of the pages to catch the next section. I remind people of this, because I've missed a link at the bottom of a page sometimes like a dolt and went back to discover it later. Thought I'd save others the trouble.

Ok, if my dad (who is a Vietnam Vet) ever caught me reading TOD slash. I think I would shit twice and die. I find small comfort in the fact that he wouldn't know what slash was if he saw it. Also, trying to explain it to him would kill me, so I'd be off the hook. I'd just drop dead right on the spot. So no worries really. I blame Biblio for this. I really do. At her old site she had a page of her TOD slash and since I loved her other stuff I just had to go read her TOD slash. I couldn't help it. She's just to good of a writer. So I got hooked on it. I've read fics by others, but Biblio is still my favorite writer in this fandom. This story is a new one. I just found it at the new TOD slash site Notes from the Underground. I probably found the listing for it over at the SPDP. When I found Biblio's fic there I just had to check it out to see if there was anything new. There was. Which just made me giddy. Parts of this story are just a long slow tease and some parts are fiery hot with fulfilled ecstasy. Like all of her other fic. If you've never read anything by Biblio before and are interested in Stargate slash, I have several of her stories rec'd over on my Stargate page. She is such a good writer. We should all encourage her to write more. I had just about given up on finding any really terrific Stargate slash until she came along. She totally revived the fandom and set a standard other should live up to. All fandoms need that one author who really stands out and makes everyone else strive to be as good. She does fabulous TOD fic too. I love Myron and Zeke in these stories. I've even tried watching some of the shows because of her fics. The only Vietnam centered series I've even been able to get into though was China Beach. The chick perspective. I loved that show. Catch it in reruns every now and then. Always made me cry. I liked in this story how she subtly hinted at Myron having more of precedent for liking men than just his interest in Zeke. She hinted at Zeke having experience in that area, so no suddenly gay shit in this story. You know how I so hate that. Anyway, it's a great fic that I got pretty lost in. Biblio's such a great writer I'm sure you will too.

Some Like it Hot
    Yes, I'm referring to the movie with Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and Marylin Monroe here. I mean the guys were in drag for quite a bit of the movie. It just screams slashability now doesn't it.

The Sweet End of the Lollipop by Scribe
Pairing: Jerry/Joe, Jerry/Osgood

Note: Movie slash. Also, there are several chapters look for the drop down list at the top to access them all. Another option is to look for the links where it says Next Chapter or Previous Chapter to move from one to the other.

I am just loving Scribe's work here. You couldn't tell could you? Oh, you could. Well, whatever. This is another one of her series that I have gotten totally hooked on. This one slashes the characters in the movie Some Like it Hot. I swear one of the slashiest lines I've ever heard is in the end when Jerry tells Osgood that he's a man and he says he doesn't care. As you may have noticed in the pairings this one has some Jerry/Joe slash in it, but Joe's sortof a hound in these stories so the level of commitment between them is tenuous. If you've seen the movie you know they spend part of the time in drag. During this time Jerry, who for the sake of the story is gay, ends up getting pretty much wined and dined by Osgood. He's never been treated quite like Osgood treats him. Jerry tends to take him for granted and treat him as convenient most of the time. So getting the full on romance treatment from Osgood is quite a shock to his system and quite flattering. Even if he is deceiving Osgood quite a bit. I think Scribe just so nailed Jerry's voice in this one. I can just picture Jack Lemmon as Jerry here. I can see Joe pretty clearly too. It's really a great tale. I'm loving it. Can't wait for when the next parts are posted. In case you didn't know Jack Lemmon died just a few weeks ago. I always thought he was a wonderful actor and quite funny. So let's take a moment to remember him here and his wonderful work. He deserved it. Jack Lemmon 1925-2001, may he Rest in Peace.

    Sort of book and movie slash here. Scribe has taken elements from many sources and to create this.  She refers to it as a mental movie.

Child of the Night Series by Scribe
Pairing: Vlad/Nicolae, Vlad/Elizabeta, Elizabeta/Lena, Vlad/Simion I know there are alot of pairings. The V/S is before he ever gets with Nicolae, V/E is performing husbandly duties only and only as much as he has to at that. Mainly, it is V/N and E/L. The story is really long, epic, and the pairings make sense at each moment. Which is why I didn't mind them. You know how picky I am about these things. Oh, there be some femslash here. These are the pairings thus far.

Warning: some m/f (very little, in case you need a warning for that) *Violence and abuse* (parent/child who is an adult at the time). Oh, the femslash sex is rough and a little violent. It's in Part 15, you can skip over that if you don't like it. Also, part 27 there are some descriptions of medieval burial practices. Man, I thought the first few eps of Six Feet Under had some shit in it I didn't even need to know. I so didn't need to know this either. You can skip over it and it doesn't make alot of difference. I am so being cremated. Six Feet Under confirmed to me that was a good decision.<*sigh*> There is a major *Character Death* in part 38. Vlad becomes a vamp in that same section of the story. *Het Rape* in part 40, a violent gang rape. So be warned about that too.

Note: Movie/Book slash. This story has like 43 parts at the time I am writing this. With more parts being posted all the time. So look for the drop down menu that list them all or the links to each new section in the upper and lower right hand corners of the story.

Yes, there are alot of pairings listed above. If you've read my bitch fest you know I don't like stories with multiple pairings usually. The pairings are not all going on at once though. The only ones that crossover with any other is the m/f. It revolves around an arranged marriage and neither person is to thrilled about doing it. The main pairing Vlad/Nicolae is what the story revolves around. Scribe said that she took ideas from no particular movie specifically. She did sortof assign a cast to the movie, just to give you something to visualize. She borrowed some from the movie a few years back with Keanu Reeves and Winona Rider. The actor she cast as Vlad isn't Gary Oldman though, this guys is way hotter than that. His name is Peter Lucas. If you want to check him out here's a link to his Official Website(at least I'm assuming it's his official one) http://www.peterlucas.com. Let's just say I was drooling. He's gorgeous. I like the idea of him as Dracula much better. Also, let's remember here that we are talking about Vlad Tepes here: AKA Vlad the Impaler and Vlad Dracula (meaning Dragon or Devil). So he's not exactly a nice guy. This was one evil son of a bitch. He's nice to Nicolae, or Nicu as he is often referred to in the story, but not always everyone else. A little info on Vlad can be found by clicking here. Yes, the anti-christ did come to earth once! Read the article you'll get my meaning. Moving on to the rec. Your thanking god I know. I got over my vampire and horror movie fascination by the end of my teens. So I didn't know if I'd like this or not. Someone on the rec board mentioned it being good though and I really like Scribe's Poetic Series in the X-files fandom so I decided to check it out. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get into it at first. I kept reading, however, and pretty soon I was totally engrossed in it. I have just gotten hooked on this series. I love it now. I can't wait for new parts to pop up. It has become one of my favorite reads recently. Happens that way sometimes, your not sure that you'll like a story and end up falling totally in love with it. I can't wait to see where Scribe takes this story. I'm completely hooked on the thing and Vlad hasn't even become a vampire yet. I so hope she continues this to...whereever she's going with it. I mean we haven't even gotten to the point where the book Dracula takes place. We're still within his mortal lifetime. I am so on the edge of my seat about where this is going to go. I love it. I can't recommend this one enough. It's an intense love story. I just love it so much, could never say enough good about it. Such a wonderful long read. The kind you can just get lost in. I can so see this world she has created. It's just beautifully written.

The New Professionals

The Conversations Series by Alyse
Pairing: Chris Keel/Sam Curtis

Man, I think I'm through with the recs on this page and then I stumble across this series. I was just minding my own business trying to decide which X-files rec I'm going to work on and then I come across New Professionals slash. I was actually on another rec page where this was rec'd. I've never even seen The Professionals, never mind The New Professionals. Oh well, that never stopped me before. On to the rec. The thing I liked most about this series is that both the men are just so...guys in this one. They are both uncommunicative bastards, stumbling along trying to have a relationship. They struggle constantly with expressing what they are feeling to one another. They get frustrated that their partner won't talk to them. Only to turn around and expect their partners to just instinctively know what they are feeling. Both of them are doing this and everything is just getting more fucked up as they ignore what they see and don't talk things out enough to really get past some problems. There are starts and stops in this, break-ups, and angst a plenty. I just felt these were so guys, emotionally stunted and struggling to make their relationship work. I think in slash we can make guys to emotionally in touch. Skipping over how terribly frustrating it can be to have two men, who have spent a lifetime hiding all their emotions, fighting to express them against everything that society has ever taught them. This series really captures that, which of course runs the angst level way high. I just felt these were just so guys. When it comes to gay guys you just have to think they are fighting over who gets to be the cold, emotionless bastard today. They probably have to take turns.<g> That's a joke by the way, don't go all snarky on me. That is a major problem for gay guys though, both partners not used to expressing their emotions and having to in order to make things work. I think we don't address that enough in fics. To frustrating for us to have to go there I suspect. Alyse went there with this series though, quite beautifully. I truly felt for these two guys trying to struggle it out.

 I Spy
    I know what your thinking? I Spy, you mean that show from like the 60's with Bill Cosby and Robert Culp in it? Yep, that's the one. I'm wondering if slashing Bill Cosby is one of the seven deadly sins? Seems like it might be. Hell, I feel a little dirty for reading. Didn't stop me from reading it though.<g> I'm weird like that.

Wheat from Chaff by Dorinda
Pairing: Kelly Robinson/Alexander Scott

I'm pretty sure there is a commandment somewhere that says 'Thou shalt not slash Bill Cosby'. Maybe in the Commandments of Slash.<g> Obviously, not. Though I still feel a little dirty for reading the Cos slashed. Dirty in a good way. Whatever. I was browsing around some sites and found this story. I thought I'd give it a try and stuck around because it was really well written. I have never seen I Spy, heard of it, but never even caught a rerun of it. So I was a little lost as far as story line goes, I managed to catch up as the story went on though. To save any of you who may not have seen it or maybe can't remember it to clearly the trouble I'll give you a few tips about the characters. Kelly Robinson is Robert Culp's character and Alexander Scott was Bill Cosby's. The two guys are some type of secret agents. Their cover is that Kelly is a pro tennis player and Scott is his coach. That should start you out on better footing than I had. I have caught pieces of some movie released a few years ago that revisited I Spy. This time it was the guys kids involved in the spy game, Bill and Robert were in it to though. So I knew they were spies, just clueless on their cover. I really enjoyed this one, just had to picture the character looking a little less like Bill Cosby and I was fine. That the writing is excellent helped a great deal. In this one Kelly was captured by some enemies and programmed to do some things. Scott managed to recover him, after nearly being shot by him. The story revolves around a debriefing with just Scott and Kelly trying to recover what happened and break the conditioning. The thing heats up when a real memory from the past gets mixed up in there and have to confront some sublimated desires and feelings for one another. This is one that should definitely be checked out. The writing is so great.

Original Slash
    Yeah, I know shock of shocks. I found an original slash story that I really liked. Who knew?

The Quartz Key by Lianne Burwell
Pairing: Nemir/Judas

Note: This is a fantasy story. Just thought I'd let you know that in case it isn't your thing. It's based upon some Key Game. A challenge type of thing where you are given a description of a fantasy character and you have to writer a story with them in it or draw a picture of the character as described. Sounded pretty cool.

I Found An Original Slash Series I Liked! Who the fuck knew? Someone either on the recs board or in an e-mail to me recommended this to me. It took me a while, but I finally got around to reading it and got thoroughly hooked on it. Like I mentioned above this is based in fantasy/Yaoi. Lianne's created a wonderful little world here around some pretty interesting characters. In this series a prince buys his son a male "companion" to insure that his son will sire no illegitimate children before the bride he's arranged for him comes of age. It's up to 19 parts so far and Lianne is taking things slowly. Letting the characters get to know one another. Nemir (the prince) has some reluctance to this arrangement in the beginning. He doesn't like the idea of having a sex slave/watchman who is supposed to make sure he stays chaste enough not to be fathering any bastards all over the country side. Judas is a strange character indeed, he is an albino who can't go out into the sun without suffering from severe sunburn. That in of itself makes him interesting. He has been an outcast all his life and that he is a slave bothers him less than it does Nemir. He accepts this as his life and understands his caste in life. He and Nemir only have to be together for a few years and he can have his freedom. So it seems a fair bargain. He isn't to be just a sex toy, more a friend, lover, bodyguard, and partner in life. I like that the guys aren't sluts. So often in original slash the characters have never heard of the concept of monogamy. Even if they begin that way, they jump at the first chance to fuck another. That annoys me to no end. The men in them usually have the maturity and the sexual inhibitions of a dog in heat. This one is taking it's time though. Allowing the characters to get to know one another, realize that the situation can be a willing one. Giving them time to really begin to like each other and maybe fall in love. I'm enjoying it so far. It's quite an engrossing tale I must say. Hell, I'm just glad to see an original fic that is really good. We'll see how it progresses along the way.

The Quicken Tree by Agt Ant
Pairing: Eric Whelan/Morgan Cleary

This story takes place within the world of horse racing. I'm not just talking about the kind you would find at a betting track either, though that is a part of it. I'm also talking about more the kind of Equestrian events you'd find at the Olympics, such as Dressage. If like me you aren't sure exactly what Dressage is,  I found a site called A Passion for Dressage that has some pretty good descriptions of what all it entails. This story is set in the 1960's and is about the slow progression these two men make to becoming lovers. It's up to part 14 now and they haven't even gotten near coming together yet. It's a slow progression, which I like. I sent the author some feedback and was told that they were going for slow. The writer said they thought the characters should get to know each other first, before they jump into some relationship. Which is how it works a lot of times in the real world. I liked that about it. In essence this story is about a man who wants to be more than he is. Who does have a passion for the sport of dressage, one that is not encouraged by his family. Eric wants to break out of what and who his father thinks he should be. He also happens to be gay, another aspect of himself that he is hiding. The other being that he doesn't just want to spend his life training horses at racetracks. When he meets Morgan he finds a kindred soul almost. One who sees his talent and subtly encourages him to go for what he dreams. I don't think Eric at this point in the story has even acknowledged anything more than thinking Morgan is attractive. Morgan, I'm not sure about. This is really told from Eric's POV. It's a wonderful story that is taking it's sweet time about getting these two men together. It has a great plot too. I just love watching Eric slowly coming into his own, fighting to be who he is. To break free and not end up being just like his father. Eric is out to himself, at least, but not the rest of the world. Though he and Morgan do discover that both do have secrets they are keeping about their sexuality. Morgan is more in touch with his and less afraid of it than Eric. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this is going. I'm thoroughly enjoying this slow movement into a relationship between these two men. Right now they are really just working on starting up a friendship. I've been checking back regularly to see when this one is update. Can't wait to see where the writer is going to take these two gents. It should be interesting.


The Eightfold Fence by Sue
Pairing: John Blackthorne/Father Martin Alvito

Notes: This story is in 6 parts so be sure to follow the links at the bottom of each page to the next part. Also, thanks to Rike for telling me about this story.

Yes, you read the pairings right. One of the men is a priest, as in Catholic priest. It isn't some story where the priest forgets his vows quickly and jumps in the sack with the first man that offers though. It is as far from that as you can get. The Father fights his desires for another man as hard as he possibly can, struggling against these feelings that the church he was brought up in feel are sinful. It isn't an easy road for him to accept his feelings, he is even ready and willing to die for feeling this way if the church feels that should be his punishment. (This takes place several hundred years ago, during The Burning Times as some call them now. The time of the Spanish Inquisition.) Blackthorne is a protestant and doesn't really see much wrong with homosexual relationship in his world view, so he doesn't have problems in that area. It is more realizing he loves someone who doesn't want to love him back, even if they do. Lots of UST in this one. Tons of angst, from all concerned. The two start out not liking each other very much, though they do realize their attractions to one another. This all takes place in Japan, where a type of war of beliefs is going on. The Japanese people are wanting to stick to their beliefs and ways of life while the Catholic church is wanting to convert everyone over to their way of thinking. The whole story is a struggle of beliefs in what is right and wrong. There isn't any really graphic sex in it. Which was good, because it made sense for the story. Plus, honestly if the finale scene where they do actually make love had gone on longer I would have broke down crying. It was so passionate just the beginning of that I teared up and felt heavy tears threatening. I would have been disappointed in it ending like a movie fading out of the scene if it didn't make some sense to the way the Eightfold Fence was explained. Read the story and you'll understand what that means. I really loved this one it truly touched me. The slow progression of coming to terms with your desires and punishing yourself and those who love and desire you along the way was quite engrossing to me. I loved this one. Got hooked on it fast. Thanks again for turning me onto it Rike.

Starsky & Hutch
    This fandom almost got it's own page, but I couldn't think of enough stories that were my faves to make it worthy of a whole page. I do love the fandom though. These two stories listed here are my faves. Especially, Total Eclipse of the Heart. I love that one. I have Candy Apple to thank for getting me into this fandom. After reading her Outside Influences series, I fell in love with these guys. I saw the show in reruns and the slashiness was so blatant it practical wasn't subtext. The love these guys have for one another is apparent and beautiful. It is easy to see it moving from friendship to romance to me.

Hour of Separation by Sylvia Bond
Pairing: Hmm, let me think? Oh, yeah Starksy/Hutch, duh!

The story is in 4 parts so remember to follow the links to each new section.

Ok, I'm not positive, but I think this story derives it's title from a quote by Kahlil Gibran. Who is my favorite writer of all time. The quote goes,

 " They say my darling, that love through worship turns into an all-consuming fire. I have found that the hour of separation does not prevail against the joining of our earthly selves, as I have known with the first meeting that my spirit was your companion for countless ages, and that your first glance was not, in truth, the first glance."
    --A Tale of Love-Kahlil Gibran--
God, I love his work. So there you go a rec for a writer outside of the cyber world. If you have never read anything by Kahlil Gibran do, he is an absolutely beautiful writer.

Now on to the rec for the story. In this one Captain Dobey is on vacation or something and the temporary captain replacing him separates the guys. How dare the bastard? That is what the story revolves around. How even though they are apart, they are together in spirit. Lots of love and longing in this one and a really nice long tease. I love a good tease in a story, my favorite thing. To have the love and emotions they feel clearly shown to you before the sex comes. Makes it so much more believable. On my Annoying things in Slash bitch fest, I mention the 'I love you let's fuck' thing that so many of us hate. In those stories I think this is what is missing. That long slow tease. Getting shown through action and inner dialogue how they feel about one another. Being let in to who they are and taken through the steps of the characters coming together. What I don't really like about PWP's is they are like skipping to the end of the story. Having someone give you a book, but first ripping out all the pages except the last chapter where everything is resolved and everyone happily in love. Leaving you wondering how the hell they got to that point. I like to read the beginning, middle, and the end. Knowing the process of working through shit so they can get together. Things aren't even really resolved in this, no one makes a complete commitment, but it is probably going to be made eventually. Plus, any story that might have derived it's title from a Kahlil Gibran quote has my attention.

Total eclipse of the Heart by Flamingo
Pairing: Not a big surprise Starsky/Hutch

This story is long, a novel definitely. It has it's own page now so I am just going to link you to that. Settle in for a long read it has about 35 parts, counting some pieces split into A, B, and C sections. So if you have a day or so to read this grab some coffee or tea and hunker down for a long session. It isn't something you'll want to 'put down', once you start you will want to read the whole thing.

This is probably one of the most beautiful slash stories I have ever read. It is long and I do mean looong. Just start at the top of the page and work your way through the whole thing. This story has everything a slash story should have and then some. All of those bitch fest things on my Annoying things in...yadda, yadda page are not in this one. As it reveals itself you find so many layers to the guys. You find repression, angst, love, hot sex, forgiveness, lost memories, recovered memories. It is just so damn beautiful and...good!...dammit you just have to hate Flamingo here. There are no easy solutions here, no everything is perfect right away stuff. Things are fucked up for a while here, before they get better. They have to work damn hard to find their way to ok and happily in love. It is a hard road and sometimes you get so damn mad at the guys you want to smack them. It all works out in the end though, but it isn't an easy road getting there. That is what I love about this story. Nothing is perfect. It's a hard time had by all, but they find their way in time and their love is stronger for the struggle. I love angst too, I'm an angst slut. I'm not to big on pain and physical owwies, but emotional turmoil, I'm there for. This has plenty of that. It will bring you to tears sometimes with both it's pain and it's sweetness. Absolutely Fabulous.

Hercules the Legendary Journeys

Regency Fuck by Jen
Pairing: Iphicles/Ares (though their names are sortof of different in the story, she gives you a legend to follow though)

Ok, I'm not exactly sure why I liked this story, I'm not really into HtLJ. I never really liked the show that much. I've always loved mythology and am even doing research for a book I'm writing on Goddesses. So let me tell you the show's mythology is so screwed up I wouldn't even know where to begin. Herc wasn't really that great a guy most of the time. He fucked up alot and some of that had nothing to do with the Gods mettling. Maybe why I like this story is it's about his brother Iphicles and Ares. Herc is kindof a jerk in this and I find that funny, a little of a departure from his goody goody act on the show. This story is good for so many other reasons too. It's just one of those things where you get lost in the characters, the timeline seems so real that your just there and you love it. This story doesn't take place in the normal Herc timeline of ancient Greece, circa 2000 years ago. It takes place in England a couple of hundred years ago. The strange thing about the  pairing Ares/ Iphicles is that the  same guy, Kevin Smith, plays them both. I find that really weird in a Narcissistic sort of way, yet another mythological reference. It is really well told though and you just get completely lost in it. I found it on another rec page and loved it so much I had to rec it here too. This is the story that turned me on to the Iph/Ares pairing, sadly I have found few that were this good.  The story is really long and divided into several parts.

Regency Fuck


Fire and Ice & Strong Sweets By Valeria
Pairing: Peter Dragon/Cole Ricardi

Truth is I've never seen an entire ep of Action, I have seen enough to know that the characterizations in this are dead on. I actually read this due to a post on  the board that is an accompaniment to this website, the person who rec'd it is a fan of the show, so I am going to assume it is accurate from what they say. I am a Jimbabe though and what to do you know Richard Burghi (Jim from the Sentinel) was on the show once. He played the character Cole Ricardi in the episode Blowhard, these stories take off from that episode. In it Cole is an action film star who is gay and has decided to come out. Trouble is he has decided to do so right before the filming of a major movie he is to star in. Peter Dragon the producer of the movie (and  the shows main character) is trying to talk him out of it, fearing it will ruin the movies box office take. In the process he tells Cole that he (Peter) is gay too. He sleeps with Cole to prove it, but he ends up having to fire Cole, anyway, because the producers think he is too old. Cole goes on tv and tells everyone he is gay and that Peter is his lover. This is the premise of the story, most of which follows the ep closely in some ways. It is written wonderfully and I just loved it. I read Fire and Ice and had to read it's sequel. Strong Sweets is still a WIP, though part 2 is promised soon. I keep checking her site to see if it is up yet. I'm eagerly anticipating it. I loved it even though I'm not an Action fan, you might too. Check them out.

Star Wars: TPM
    Ok, I've never even seen the movie, but I got desperate looking for new stuff, so I tried it out. Like all fanfic, some of it is good and some of it isn't. The two I have rec'd are both AU's. One is what I think is referred to in this genre as a slave fic and one has to do with a past life remembrance. I think they are both pretty good and are among the few I have saved for my own personal reading. The first one, Buying Trouble, I just love the Celtic element to it.

Buying Trouble by Layna Ayre Andersen
Pairing: Qui Gon Jinn/Obi Wan Kenobi

Warning: There is description and remembrance of past violence, abuse, and rape. But not Q/O.

This story is so AU even the characters names are different. They just happen to look like these guys. I'll admit. I like it though, the historical descriptions of the time period were vivid enough that I could picture it so clearly. The writing was wonderful and I love the way the Celts were represented and spoken of in this. That is pronounced with a K, not a C, the basketball team mispronounces it with a C. I love the Celtic culture and this time period is my favorite in history, so I loved it. You might hate it, but I found it fascinating. The slave thing threw me off at first, but there isn't any real master/slave relationship here. This isn't a b&d s&m story either. If you like the time period of about 2000 years ago and the Celtic culture and what it's mysteries could hold you might just like this. There isn't alot know about the Celts, they had no written history for a long time. By the time they had started to write things down, well it was destroyed by St. Patrick. He drove the last of the Druids out of Ireland, not the snakes. That is why I and anyone else I have ever spoken to who knows this doesn't celebrate St. Patty's day. He was a book burner, who destroyed books that held the history of the British Isles. A few monks hide some and saved them, but most were destroyed. There's a history lesson for you. Is this story accurate about the Celts, who knows, but it could be and they are regarded beautifully in it. That endears it to me more than anything else.

General Hospital

Paths not taken by Brenda Antrim
Pairing: Ned Ashton/Jasper Jax

Yeah, I know soap opera slash. Who knew? The first time I saw it I was curious, I'd never seen any slash based on soap operas. I watch GH, it's really the only one I can stand and sometimes it even annoys me. I hate all those whiny, obsessed women who should just move on and find better men for god sakes or at least just find another man (sometimes the women are the bad girls). I was intrigued and though I didn't really see the pairing working...it did. The pairing is Jasper Jax/Ned Ashton. It didn't make too much sense then, they were business rivals who knew one another only peripherally. Now the two are good friends, even best friends so I can see it even better. The story was just plain hot and though at first I felt unreasonably ashamed for reading it. There just seemed something weird about reading soap slash, the idea now appeals to me more as does the pairing. It's a great story, with some hot sex and even a little bit of what could maybe, possibly be blooming love. Don't knock soap slash, this story had me craving more. I'm even starting to envision other pairings. This story definitely turned me on to soap slash, sadly there isn't much out there that I could find. Maybe there will be in the future. It is a genre fraught with possibilities and tons of hunky guys. The pairings could change at the drop of a hat too and people would expect it.

Chasing Amy

Where Angels Fear to Tread by Brenda Antrim
Pairing: Holden/Banky

I have been wanting to read some good Holden/Banky slash ever since I started reading fanfic and branching out into any old damn fandom that came along. I'm easy when it comes to fic, if I find the guys attractive and know even a little about the show I'm there. I have seen Chasing Amy several times, it's the only thing I really like Ben Afleck in, and hell I knew Banky was lusting for Holden before anyone else pointed it out. I would have slapped the bastard too if I was Alyssa, though, for making that stupid suggestion. I've been wondering why there wasn't much Holden/Banky slash out there though. They left it wide open for slash with stating they wanted one another. Maybe that is why, to easy. When there is slash in a show, few fics are written on it. We like a challenge usually, to easy if they show us what we desire. Only exception is probably Oz, to ripe with angst on that show for happily ever after, gotta work on that in the fics. Plus, the fact that Banky was a complete and total fucking bastard and not ashamed about it. Not exactly a likable character, in some respects. I wanted him with Holden though, probably the only one who could stand Banky for long. To the rec, though, this story is like Banky's thoughts throughout the movie, what he was thinking, some of which he said, he had trouble keeping shit to himself. I can totally see this as his internal dialogue, she really got into his head, was even right that a good chunk of shit he thought, he said. It follows through the movie and past where the ending left off. Gives us some resolution about Holden & Banky that I liked. She could have been more graphic though, but I liked what we got well enough. Who am I to gripe. Any one else want to see if they can't work up some Chasing Amy Holden/Banky slash. I'd love to read it, consider that a challenge, for more good Chasing Amy slash. Any think you can do it?

Burning Zone
    What? Don't remember the show? Yeah well, me either. I have only ever seen one episode and that is the one Nick Lea was in. It wasn't the greatest character he ever played or the greatest series that ever existed. You can see it I think the Sci-Fi channel, though, check your listings for day and time if you're interested in it. For this series of stories I'm rec'ing to make sense you sortof need to have seen Nick's ep, but you can get by without having seen it.

The Sunrise Series by Tarlan
Pairing: Philip Pagit/OMC (Original Male Character, well, sortof not really, refer to the Hyacinthus reference)

How to describe this series? How to describe it? Tall order there Hoss, but that's what I do. So here goes. A little back ground info here on the episode Nick was in, which was called Hall of the Serpent (I had to look that up). In it Nick plays a weird faith healer kindof guy, who performs psychic surgery. Of course, he only does this for rich people and charges them half of their worldly goods for his services. There is also this snake god...you really don't want to know, it's just weird and confusing. Let's just say that the episode is freaky and though Nick was good in it (he did his best with the crappy material he had), the episode still sucks. This series of stories is actually better. It incorporates a little mythology into it, which I love, so I found that interesting. Speaking of which, you'll also need to know a little about the Greek myth of Hyacinthus, you'll figure out how that ties in to the story eventually. These are an interesting couple of pieces that are well-written, hot and like a I said alot better than the actual ep was. It was a little confusing the first time I read them, because I hadn't seen the ep, I was a little lost. Maybe the little sum up here will help with the background. Oh, I also read somewhere about him blackmailing some of the chicks on the island (oh yeah, he operates on some island) into sleeping with him. (Honestly, I didn't pay alot of attention, the ep sucked like I said.) Like a guy who looks like Nick, and was as rich as this character was supposed to be, would ever have to do that. Something about needing sex to recharge his energy after a healing or something. At this point I don't know if I've convinced you to read it or not? Hell, I'm confused and I know what this is about. I really can't say much more about the stories with out giving away plot though. Let's just say Philip Pagit, finds his road to redemption and self-discovery in this series. That path is interesting enough by itself. Forget about the episode. It was just weird. The stories are good though, a little weird, but in a good way. Convinced yet? Hmm? I'm not sure I am either? I'm gonna go back and read them again anyway. What the hell?

Sons of Thunder
   Ok, now I know some of you may be going 'Huh?' What the hell show is that? Honestly, I'm pretty much with you on that one. I only have the vaguest recollection of this show. It was some kind of spin of of Walker:Texas Ranger, that didn't make it. I don't watch Walker soo...I only have the smallest of memories of seeing stuff about this one like when they promoted it to death. So don't feel alone. As I've said before I'm an easy little slash slut, all I have to do is think that the guys are even vaguely cute and I'm there on reading the fandom. These guys are a little prettier than my usual tastes, but the stories I'm rec'ing are so damn good I'll let that pass.

Second Chances & Wrath by Diana Bloomfield
Pairing: Trent Malloy/Carlos Sandoval

Note: The first story is in 2 parts and the second in 5 so remember to follow the links to those parts.

I was over at the Slash Page Database Project the other day to see if anything new had been added. I'm always looking for anything new in either my favorite fandoms or some new one I can get into. I found the link for the Sons of Thunder Slash Story Archive there.  I vaguely remembered enough of the show to think the two guys were kindof cute. Not exactly my type, but I was bored and could just sense some good slash somewhere in there. I'm a bloodhound I can always smell it going in.<bg> Like I said, I've never seen this show, but I do know a good writer when I see one. Diana is definitely a good writer, the name seems familiar, so I might have read her in another fandom I'm not sure. I do love these stories, but as a Texan I have to say these guys are so NOT from Texas. If your a Texan like me, just picture this being set in like LA or something. Which it is anyway and I doubt these guys are really from Texas, but I don't know. Trust me these guys aren't from Texas, no way. Just wanted to throw that out. They aren't complete and total jerks first and foremost. I'll move on before I get into a rant over my angst of idiotic Texas men. I'll be kind and spare you that one. The blonde in these stories is like a total bottom, which usually I don't go in for. However, in this one instance I tend to agree. I found some pics of him on the net took one look at him and went 'Yep, bottom. Total bottom.' If you've read my Bitch Fest you know I usually don't like guys being forced into only one role. I feel authors characterize guys colored by their own opinions that there has to be one bottom and one top alot. Some just can't get around both guys liking both positions in intercourse. They seem stuck to me in the traditional male/female role system of sex. Or maybe they're just complete bottoms themselves. Chicks can be in more ways than physically. Those things are a mindset more than anything. (I'm a top and a bottom. I like to take charge sometimes and others let someone else.) Back to the rec. Every so often I just think a guy would be though. This guy I think he is in an unconscious, unexplored as to why kindof way. I think it might have taken him more time to figure it out, but I'm not going to go into that too much. [This is in opposition to a character like Jim from the Sentinel, who I think is a total bottom. I think he'd do it consciously, wanting and needing that from a lover. Explored it, knows why and prefers that. Could top, just wouldn't want to.] This blonde guy (his characters name is Trent, don't know the actors name) I think he just would be, probably wouldn't explore if he's a good little Texas boy, but nonetheless a bottom. The writing in this is great, but these boys are just too sweet and fluffy for Texas guys. Guys aren't even this sweet to chicks, much less other guys in Texas. We Texas chick's would shoot them if they were, we're tougher than they are. We put up with the dumb asses. I'm straying from point again. More of my own angst sorry. Don't mind me. I'm just going to go off and mutter about that topic to myself for a while in a very pissed off manner. I'll just leave you with that image and close out the rec. The story really is good. I loved it, Walker's behavior in this is sortof Texan. He needed to be more uncomfortable with the whole gay thing though, even if he did accept it. Just a tipper. Texas chicks, alot of us slasher out there, guys repressed as hell, who knows what they think about gays mostly. The ones I know who've said something about it were stupid and let's not go there. I'm shutting up now. I mean it this time.<g>

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