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Where the motto is: " One guy is hot, but two are hotter."

We are Moving Again!
Yes, I know just shoot me. 0catch was really just the first place I could find to host my site. It was such a sudden move that I wasn't picky. The banner and pop-up ads are really bugging me. Being at a host that didn't have them spoiled me, seeing them again was just jarring. More importantly my damn site keeps disappearing. It's done it several times in just the few days since I moved there. When that happened I knew I was going to have to move eventually. I was hoping to find a slash friendly, ad-free home again later on. Then yesterday Alice over at populli out of the blue offered me a home for my site. It was just what I was looking for. No way could I say no. So we are moving again.

The new addy is:

The site at 0catch will be left up, but it will not be updated. So head on over to the new one and bookmark it. I'm working on an update, I swear. My mom had surgery this week, though so it's going slow. Just be patient.

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The X-Files (M/K)
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Due South (BF/RK)
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